Linux Interview Questions

18 March, 2017 | ashishn

Linux Internals

  1. What are different IPC there in a OS?
  2. What is a semaphore?
  3. What is a mutex?
  4. What is the difference between semaphore and mutex?
  5. What are different types of CPU scheduling available?
  6. What is a preemption of a task?
  7. What is a context switching?
  8. What is a round robin policy?
  9. What is a different between pipes and named pipes?
  10. What are shared and Archive libraries?
  11. what is Priority Inversion?
  12. How data copy from kernel to user-space and vice versa?
  13. What is ioctl calls? How it works?

Device Drivers

  1. What is a system call?
  2. What are the major system calls used in a typical device driver?
  3. What is the difference between char device and block device?
  4. Which system call is used in specific in block device?
  5. What is a major number and what is a minor device?
  6. What is an ISR?
  7. How interrupts are handled in Linux?
  8. What all chips and devices you have worked with? Explain one?
  9. What is a virtual memory?
  10. For what purpose mknod is used?
  11. What is MBR (Master Boot Record)?
  12. Explain bottom halves, tasklets and softirq?

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