The life of a Process

20 July, 2013 | santosh

The computer system is becoming a complex beast which cannot be tamed easily. In the new world the operating systems have become too big and complex for one to learn everything in depth. Most new aspiring system programmers do not have a picture of what is happening in a system when you type ./a.out. This article is an attempt to provide the picture and also the necessary details for a Linux newcomer to grasp so that he/she can refer to more detailed books for further learning. This article/paper is just a starter so when newcomers start with bigger books don’t get overwhelmed without knowing the natural flow of the Linux system.

This series tries to explain the life of a process with all low level details laid down. It is an attempt to explain to new Linux users and for me to understand as well the complete process life covering both kernel and user-space aspects. The explanations and details are based on the Linux based operating systems only, other systems might follow different mechanisms which I might not be aware of or have no intention of discussing those systems.

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