XMPP Auto Reply Bot

23 August, 2010 | sab

This an introduction to a simple Perl script that replies to your XMPP buddies based on key words.

This is not really a great script in terms of use, but could be fun. This is not same as auto-reply in Pidgin. This script replies to your buddies, may be you can run it while you are away. There are few key words like ‘hi’, ‘hello’, ‘hey’, ‘why’, ‘where’, ‘what’ etc. You can add few more you like. Probably, using this script may make your friends think that you have gone crazy, but that doesn’t matter ;).

Before using this script, you should have your systems installed with IO::Socket::SSL , and AnyEvent::XMPP. You can install it with the following commands.

$ sudo cpan IO::Socket::SSL
$ sudo cpan AnyEvent::XMPP

The following is the code for the auto-reply bot.

use strict;
use utf8;
use AnyEvent;
use AnyEvent::XMPP::Client;
use AnyEvent::XMPP::IM::Message;

my $uname = 'your_gmail_id';    # or be jabber, don't forget to change $server to jabber.org
my $passwd = 'your_password';
my $server = "talk.google.com";
my $j = AnyEvent->condvar;
my $cl = AnyEvent::XMPP::Client->new (debug => 0);
$cl->add_account ($uname,$passwd,$server);
$cl->reg_cb (
   session_ready => sub {
    my ($cl, $acc) = @_;
    $cl->set_presence("avaliable","Under reply bot\'s control",10);
   disconnect => sub {
      my ($cl, $acc, $h, $p, $reas) = @_;
      print "disconnect ($h:$p): $reas\n";
   error => sub {
      my ($cl, $acc, $err) = @_;
      print "ERROR: " . $err->string . "\n";
   message => sub {
      my ($cl, $acc, $msg) = @_;
    my ($u,$r) = split(/[\._@]/,$msg->from);
     if($msg->body()=~ /^[\s]*$/){ print $u." is typing\n";}
        $r = $msg->make_reply;
        my $rep=&sentm($msg->body,$u);

        print "$u says: ".$msg->body() . "\n";

#you can add your own keyword's, need to improve this part!
sub sentm{
    my $msg=shift;
    my $u =shift;
    my $reply;
    if($msg=~/([hH]ow)|([hH]i)|([hH]ey)|([Hh]ello)/){return $reply="$u, Hi.. How are you.. ";}
    if($msg=~/([Ww]hat)|\?|([Ww]at)|(^did)/){return $reply="yes but not really $u... :) ";}
    if($msg=~/([Ww]hy)|([Ww]hen)/){return $reply="may be in sometime $u.. :)";}
    if($msg=~/([Oo]kay)|([oO]k)/){return $reply="good";}
    else {return $reply="hey $u, I will alert if I meet $ENV{'USER'}";}
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